The eTrees project aims to improve the communication skills of the European workforce through the development of games based learning tools.

Communication skills are a key competency for current staff and future employees, as identified in the European Reference Framework and backed up by employers in a corresponding 2010 Eurobarometer report. As the world becomes more customer-focused, it follows that customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly important for employers.

Nevertheless, formal education in customer service focuses mostly on reading and writing skills, missing out the softer skills like listening, negotiating, resolving conflict, coaching others and team work.

The eTrees project will address this gap by developing online training using branching stories techniques to simulate real life situations, allowing learners to gain skills and experience in a safe environment. The project will also develop tools and methodologies addressed to trainers, enabling them to plan and facilitate blended training sessions targeted at improving the communication skills of their learners.

The eTrees consortium brings together partners from 6 European countries, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and the UK, ensuring a representative of the Lifelong Learning Programme area collaboration scheme.



  • October 31, 2014eTrees online service fully operational

    The eTrees online service is now fully operational, including the four eTrees training games!

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  • October 13, 2014Final Project Meeting!

    As the project draws to a close in November 2014 the final project meeting is being planned for 20 and 21 October in Rome where the software will be showcased along with the four completed games. As partners meet face to face for the last time PROMEA, EFFEBI, PIAZ and DACES will present their completed games:

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  • February 19, 2013Data Collection and Analysis

    The data collection of the eTrees projects, with the means of focus groups and questionnaire, has been started and conducted in Italy, Poland, Greece, and the UK.

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